To provide the comfort in fashion you love while inspiring the style you crave.

The Brains Behind the Boutique

Meet Teal.

Brilliantly creative. Incredibly hardworking. Passionate about all things community, family, happiness – and fashion, of course! 

Being born and raised a Canadian through-and-through, it was extremely important to build a business that supported local within both the Sea-to-Sky and Canada as a whole. As her and her family made the move from Whistler to Squamish, Teal knew it was time to build something of her own in a new community she now calls home. With the full support of friends and family, she set off to bring TEAG + GREY to life.

“This is our home. We are raising our kids here. Our friends are here. I want to be a part of the growing family of entrepreneurs in Squamish and bring something fresh to our community.”


The idea came organically.

Moving cities meant a change in career, but with it came a fresh perspective on what Squamish needed. Yes, there were already incredible shopping options out there, but Teal knew there was a desire for more and room for growth. But what was her niche going to be?

“I love the experience of boutique shopping.  I enjoy a more unique, mellow and personal experience.
So, I got to work on my business plan.”

As for the name, that was the easy part! Having always been family-focused and building unbreakable relationships with her two daughters, it was a no-brainer to incorporate it into the business’ branding and to keep her family close to her heart as she started her new adventure.

Building up TEAG + GREY has been a dream come true for Teal, but it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Entrepreneurship in itself has the tendency to be risky and intimidating, but adding in the factor of having to secure commercial space in a small town adds a whole other element. After countless hours on the hunt, sleepless nights, and the perseverance to find that perfect spot, Teal and her realtor team found just what they were looking for (just in time!) in beautiful downtown Squamish.

What Can We Expect?

TEAG + GREY provides the opportunity to discover new brands of fashion apparel not typically found within Squamish. Although supporting local is at the top of her list, you will also find beautiful pieces from Australia, France, Spain and more!

Teal has been (happily) busy curating TEAG + GREY’s favourite things. Within the cozy boutique, you can expect to find some hidden gems peppered throughout. From toques made in Sunshine Coast to trendy dog collars, gauzy scarfs to hand-made jewelry, you are bound to find something you didn’t know you were looking for.

On top of the incredible products available, there is something else even harder to come by that is not for sale: solace. TEAG + GREY is a warm and welcoming space where you can let yourself be you, remind yourself of your true beauty, be surrounded with like-minded women…immerse yourself in YOU. It’s time to feel your power again!

Have an event coming up? Need some new pieces for work or looking for the perfect white sneaker?  A new bag, unique books, and one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories?


Come spruce yourself up!


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