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Locals   Since 2016

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  • The Locals Board Squamish Nootka and Sea Squamish Retail Store
  • The Locals Board Squamish Squamish Arts Council

It started with a mission to connect the community.

And it’s grown — and continues to grow — into a mission-fuelled means of empowering business owners and entrepreneurs in getting visible and bringing their stories to life.

Our business started with our beautifully designed (and very well placed) Locals Board and has since evolved to offering the Locals Guide and other services that help support local businesses.

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The Board

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The Locals Guide

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The Local Scene

Squamish Events

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Local-talk. Straight to your Inbox.

Never miss an event again. We’ll send reminders to keep you in the loop.

Connecting you with local customers

Effective, proven and affordable advertising connects you with local customers highlighting the importance of investing in our local community.

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The Locals Scoop and The Locals Guide offer an affordable, accessible, and easy-to-implement marketing solution for businesses and entrepreneurs local to the Squamish community interested in connecting with locals, and getting eyes on their business beyond the business card.

Come on Board (literally)

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