The Locals Board.

The why, the who and the how behind it all.

locations of the locals board

Here’s what you’re signing up to participate in when you advertise with The Local’s Board:


Support Local

Building up a local community is an act of love, of support, and of care. Bringing our dollars into our communities creates more jobs and more opportunities to everyone around us. With locals hosting the boards, locals advertising + sharing events, and locals passing by them on repeat, we’re creating a story of what connects Squamish: our local people.

When we shop locally we create jobs, help local charities, reduce our footprint and recirculate money into our local economy. According to Loco BC, for every $100 you spend, $46 goes back into the local economy. Therefore, these small changes make a big impact.

We’ve made it a mission to use as many local vendors as possible in our own business to help support the Squamish community.


Create Access

The opportunity to tell our community about your business is for everyone – not solely mass companies with huge budgets. Offering an affordable way for businesses to share their story and tell the community about their work, while supporting owners + entrepreneurs in the creative process.


Stay Sustainable

Down with leaflets! Just kidding. And, in working to create a sustainable future for the next generation(s), keeping The Local’s Board footprint as small as possible aligns with our vision for a healthy community and planet.

Squamish Marketing

Meet Jane Clark.

Squamish local since 2006.

The Local’s Board since 2016.

Jane has called Squamish home for the last 17 years and is passionate about supporting local businesses and connecting in the community. Jane understands what makes the town great, and how owners and entrepreneurs can contribute to the community’s growth…one image, one graphic, and one ad at a time.

Get SEEN on the local scene.

Put your business front and center in the Squamish community. Inquire about joining The Local’s Board advertising community today.

Billie’s Flower House – Photo Credit Paula Owen