As a small business owner, there are many ways for you to promote your company: radio ads, website, social media posts, pay-per-click ads. The list goes on. Often, these lists forget one crucial tool that can help you promote your company locally: business directories.

This article will explain why advertising in our Locals Guide (Squamish & Whistler) can be incredibly beneficial for your company as it offers several valuable features beyond basic business listings.

1. Attracting 2X the Traffic to Your Website

An online business directory, as opposed to paid advertising, delivers two times the traffic to your site – direct and indirect.

Direct Traffic Flow = People discover you through your direct listing on the directory.

Indirect Traffic Flow = Customers discover you through a search for a specific industry category (for example, “insurance”) and locate your company listing among the other firms in that category.

Having your name on an online directory may help you improve your search engine position since the URL to your website becomes a valuable inbound link for a relevant search result. When people conduct searches online, they want to know that what they’re looking for exists; this is why providing accurate information is so important.

2. Increasing Your Website’s Visibility on the Web

The best online directories are an excellent method to boost the visibility of your website. To assist rank websites on the internet, Search Engines such as Google rely on Domain Authority (DA). When you first create your website, your DA is zero. Your DA score rises as you develop connections with other businesses and reputable websites.

Adding information and a website URL to the other established online directory (such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, The Locals Guide, etc.) will boost your DA score, leading to improved online rankings and visibility for your company’s area (i.e. Squamish).

By adding your company to our Locals Guide listing (Squamish & Whistler), you can improve your DA score.

COMING SOON: The Locals Guide Partner Badge.

The Locals Guide Partner Badge is a badge you may add to your website when you are a member of our Squamish business directory. The more Squamish businesses we have on the program, the more all its members benefit from this effort because of the power of numbers. As a result, we will all receive more significant exposure for our services in the Squamish and Whistler areas.

3. Grow Opportunities by Establishing New Relationships With Other Small Local Businesses in the Community

Getting new partners and investors is one approach to growing your company. Working with other companies may help you access new markets and expand your client base. You can also obtain more information and assistance by partnering with another small business in your community.

When another local business is seeking a possible partner with whom they might be interested in collaborating, the first sites they usually visit are business directories.

Local online directories may provide your company with several possibilities for collaborating with other local businesses and developing together. With our Locals Guide, your company will enhance its visibility locally and might end up partnering with other Squamish businesses in the community.

4. Inform Customers Of Your Local Business

As previously said, online directories can provide essential information such as corporate information, product name, and services in their areas. This will allow consumers to get important details like when or how to contact you. They may also go to your website using the URL link and contact you directly.

This is a valuable tool when someone searches for your Squamish company on Google or other search engines. When you are not yet ranking first at the top of organic rankings for your brand name, it’s even more critical that you get in front of consumers differently. Local directories with your company information will help you reach out to new clients while your website grows in popularity.

If you have a company in Squamish, it is essential to add your company’s information to the Locals Guide online business directory.

5. Special Promotions Help You Get Ahead of the Competition

Some directories enable you to provide a unique offer or discount code to consumers who stumble upon your company after searching for it on the internet. It’s an excellent method to distinguish yourself from the competition and attract new potential customers.

Special offers may get the attention of potential customers and help you produce leads. They also allow you to upsell or cross-sell your items and services.

Online directories, when handled correctly, can help you grow your Squamish company’s online presence, attract new consumers, and produce leads. There are so many benefits to listing your company now that there is no excuse not to do it.

The Locals Guide Advantage: The Best Local Business Directory in Squamish

The Locals Guide Directory differs from most online directories as it offers more significant advantages to its members. Our goal is to create an affordable way to support local Squamish businesses and enhance their online community.

  • Get discovered by tourists, visitors and locals who may not know of your business
  • Improved reputation with consumers through a reputable source
  • Increase your brand awareness in Squamish by getting in front of hundreds of visitors instantly
  • Enhance your local SEO (SOON: Get your own The Locals Guide badge for your website and double down on link building!)
  • Gain more customers with custom offers on your profile
  • Be part of the movement: created by locals for locals (Squamish & Whistler)

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