An invitation for small business owners who want to unlock the power of community to grow their business with clarity, confidence and ease.
*Starting Oct 1st, 2021.

Go from being overwhelmed to feeling clear, supported and growing with other inspiring entrepreneurs.
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“I’ve been on many retreats and masterminds and gained the most from this one!”

Paula Owen, Level Up Mastermind Participant

Squamish Mastermind

A 12-week experience to help you go from having a business that runs you to running a business you love.

NOTE: You’re joining an entrepreneurial movement towards sustainable, scalable businesses rooted in community and collaboration.

It’s not about ‘doing’ more, anymore. Its about taking the time to put on your CEO hat.

Especially not if it’s simply for the sake of ‘doing’, OR for the sake of ‘doing it all’. You’re ready to take the best next steps forward to ease the overwhelm, solve for the revenue stalling, get your business back, and ultimately, have more time for what matters to you.

You’re envisioning the ability to minimize the overwhelm and make more space for more life – because you’re really over losing your life to the ever-pressing demands of the biz and we got you!

Mastermind for Squamish Entrepreneurs

Go from overwhelmed to feeling clear, supported, and perfectly positioned to reach your business goals.

“I was able to identify myself which ultimately put me on track for my business AND if you don’t know Shannon she’s got a million accolades and has a touch of gold, her mastermind was magnificent.”

Andrea from Maven Business & Brand Development, Level Up Mastermind 

“The 30 day challenge was like spring cleaning for my business: to revisit things I’ve had either on auto pilot, or put on the back burner, or avoided getting done. It was the perfect way to breathe fresh life into my vision for myself and my business. The added bonus of feeling connected to other entrepreneurs in my community was grounding, enlightening and inspiring.”

Peggy, 30 Day Challenge Participant

Before I give you ALL the goods on how you’re going to keep growing and going, let me take a moment to share who I am.

I’m Shannon Lorenz; Level Up Mastermind Host + Lead Facilitator.

Combining nearly 20 years of experience as a sought after large-scale event management professional and entrepreneur, my passion is helping others cultivate engaged, supportive communities and to clear the mental and physical space they need for exponential, aligned growth.

When the pandemic hit – there was nothing I could do to prepare me for loosing all of my revenue. Which, with hindsight, was the pressure cooker I didn’t know I needed to be in. Why? Because it did two things: it got me into action, and it got me into community.

The first thing I did was join a mastermind as a participant, because I knew I couldn’t—and didn’t need to—figure it all out on my own. I needed fresh energy and new perspectives to navigate. And, it was the best decision I’d made in a long time.

That action reminded me of what I already knew: that an aligned community can be the source of exponential inspiration, accountability, encouragement, expansion and growth.

Community-building has made all the difference in my businesses, and the ones I’ve supported my clients in growing. From Refresh Market to the Local’s Board, Squamish Mothers in Business to the multiple clients who have grown exponentially through embracing community as a linchpin strategy, real connections built through community have been the catalyst for new kinds of support, constructive feedback, finding new clients…and so much more.

Which is exactly why the Level Up Mastermind came to be, and why I’m so excited to support YOU in your own growth and expansion through community + accountability – here in the pandemic, and well beyond it.


Level Up Mastermind

The Level Up Mastermind is a 12-week experience that’s big on community, action + accountability, and designed to bring entrepreneurs navigating the sometimes-unpredictable and always-dynamic world of business ownership and operation together to level up their businesses while uplifting one another in the process.

Inside the mastermind you’ll learn how to:
  • Identify & manage the voice of the inner critic so you can step into action with confidence

  • Get clear on who you serve, how you serve and the transformation you deliver

  • Align with your values so you can express your work to the world with what feels best

  • Distill and define what your customer needs from you (so you can better serve their needs)

  • Be in community with other entrepreneurs to mastermind with and connect in 1:1 opportunities

  • Developed sense of clarity which will allows you to focus on taking your business to the next level and plan for the year ahead

On top of that, get ready to experience:
  • More confidence as you understand your niche, ideal client and transformation promise with more clarity

  • Owning the title ‘CEO’ as you step into your leadership with a renewed sense of purpose, vision and alignment

  • The power of small actions taken daily; watching how small steps in the direction of your goals leads to impact + results

  • An incredible, supportive, encouraging community where collaborative support and connection reminds you that you don’t have to know everything, or do everything, to be and feel successful

Organize your ideas, and turn them into action.

Already know that’s what you’re looking for? Get your application in process.

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“I’m super motivated and energized and grateful for the resources and knowledge that I am walking away from this challenge with, and look forward to what is to come next!”

Catherine Karpman | From the Garden Shed


Dig into the details.

What will you learn?

-Understanding your Foundation for Action knowing this is always evolving & growing

Level Up Your Mindset to manage the inner critic and how fear is often a guide to knowing you’re moving in the right direction

Importance of Story and how to tell yours to create a connection with your audience because when we share our stories in an authentic way it reminds us of our shared humanity

Mapping out Biz Goals in a strategic & intentional way aligning with your values & long-term vision

Marketing & Content Strategy to get out of the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the long-term vision of your business by reverse engineering the process

Growing your community in a thoughtful and intentional way with equal parts giving and receiving

What your experience inside the Level Up Mastermind includes:
  • Live meetings for 12 weeks that allows you to ask real time questions, and offers you ongoing support and accountability

  • 6 Group Zoom calls which are every other week, 90 minutes each

  • Two in-person meetings in Squamish, BC

  • Facilitation from Shannon + lessons from industry experts offering insight into creating clear messaging, managing the inner critic, marketing strategy and more

  • Two one hour office hour sessions

  • Hot seat opportunities where you’ll mastermind your ideas with the group and move more intentionally in the direction of your goals

  • 3 x 1:1 consulting where we’ll map out your accountability plan and look at where you want to go next

  • Group connection and being in community with like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Access to a private FB community with other motivated entrepreneurs excited to connect and collaborate with you
  • 90-day plan for the remainder of 2021
  • Email support between sessions
  • IG lives throughout
  • Community and Accountability
  • 20 Training videos plus valuable resources
  • Access to Zoom recordings
  • Guest Coaches
  • Calls have been scheduled (*subject to change):
  1. October 1 (Zoom facilitated)
  2. October 7 & 21 (Zoom facilitated)
  3. November 4, 18 (Zoom facilitated)
  4. December 2 (Zoom facilitated)
  5. December 9 in-person lunch included
  6. 3 private 1:1 sessions (30 minutes each)
  7. Private Facebook group
  8. Bonus session on Money Mindset and Energy on Oct 12 from 1130am-1230pm on Zoom with Jess Glazer

…and of course the incredible humans you’ll get to know (and love) as we grow together.

Get ready to feel


Squamish Entrepreneur Mastermind

Be part of a program that is rooted in community and collaboration.

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“The one thing that really stuck with me was this amazing sense of community that Shannon created.”

Visnja Kaltenbrunner | V Squared Design


Have questions?

We’ve got answers.

You. Bet. And it’s all good, because community support and guidance is what this mastermind and community is built on. You’ll have a group of enthusiastic, kind, caring and smart humans behind you to help troubleshoot, problem solve, strategize and of course, celebrate! If starting off your business journey in the presence of community and peer mentorship isn’t the BEST way to get going, well, we don’t know what is.

When it comes to equipment, all you’ll need is a laptop (or other device you can type from, access social media and other digital platforms), access to Zoom, a journal, a ring light & tripod (while not ‘required’ these are heavily suggested as you will be encouraged to do videos throughout the course). When it comes to energy, attitude + mindset, please come ready to support and encourage everyone in the group with generosity and abundance. We’ll also ask, as part of the experience, that you commit to 12-weeks of writing a gratitude list – because where attention goes, energy flows; and when gratitude’s the energy filling your days, you’ll find yourself navigating with more peace, ease, and calmness – no matter what arises.

Fear not! Since the life of an entrepreneur is a dynamic one, we’ll be sharing Zoom recordings through the Facebook page so you can watch (and re-watch) at your convenience!

You’ll be actively working in and through the mastermind content over 12 weeks

Keeping it right to the point:

  • 6 live training calls and guest coaching
  • 2 in-person meetings
  • Masterminding opportunities
  • 3 x 1:1 (30 mins each) with Shannon
  • Instagram lives that match our schedule
You bet. You can pay all up front OR pay equal amounts monthly. Accessibility matters so making participation possible through payment plans will *always* be a part of the Level Up Mastermind.
Because of Shannon’s commitment to creating a community that works well together and, there is an application process in place. We’ll be cross-checking to make sure we’re a good fit AND that you’re going to have your expectations met by the program.
Shannon Lorenz Mastermind

Didn’t see your question answered?

Hop into Shannon’s calendar and book a time to chat through your questions, comments, inquiries or otherwise.

Chat with Shannon

This is your call to community (and action)

Take a chance and invest in yourself, and the future of your business. To see a fresh perspective, a fresh path forward, and to take the steps forward to see the change you’re longing for.

Consider this a bold, brave and safe space for you to step into your leadership, own your role as CEO, and harness the confidence to grow + scale your business like the professional you already are (and might just need a nudge to remember!).

We—the community and myself—have your back in making it all happen.

Because remember:
YOU don’t have to do everything,
YOU don’t have to know everything,
YOU don’t need to teach everything,
YOU don’t need to be an expert in everything.

“You reminded me of the impact we all can have and the importance of sharing that with the world”

-Colleen Myers, Business Consultant, Level Up Mastermind Participant

All you need to do is take the first step – and then each next right step after that, with all of us in your corner, cheering you on.

Apply for your spot and get into the Level Up Mastermind.

I’m Ready to Level Up

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